Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Time Management

Time management is practically an oxymoron--who manages time anyway? We like to think we manage time, but it's simply another commodity to spend. Once spent, it is gone, unless other currency with interest income or perhaps appreciation as added value. Instead, time is spent and as a result is gone.

Time, once spent, equals life. Our life experiences are simply the way we use this particular commodity. Our values are reflected in this way, too.

As a mom of young children, my clock revolves around theirs. I've learned each step matters, just like the weight loss journey, where it's not each pound, but each quarter of a pound that added up to the sum total of a hundred pounds lost. Wow.

Each precious block of time for writing will add up to the finished manuscript. Wow.


Chele said...

Thank you for this! My weight has been coming off so slowly, that I lose sight of the big picture. Each quarter pound does add up in the end! As I get ready for my WW meeting this morning, I'll remember that.

Auto 1 said...

Hello Lisa,

i agree great post, i totally agree it's those small steps that get us there in the end.. thankyou i like the way you write..