Thursday, February 24, 2011

Exercise is Easy---I think!

Walk...walk...walk; walk...walk...walk... Are you up and out of your chair yet? This is the mantra from my very favorite video exercise leader: Leslie Sansone! She has supplied more than 25 years of inspiration sprinkled with a heaping dose of encouragement in her walk-at-home workouts. Leslie's DVDs have been my primary fitness training tool for more than six years in my journey of losing over 100 pounds, and I still enjoy the benefit of getting my needed exercise without the pressure of a fitness gym or the need to run a marathon! Why are the walk-at-home workouts so great? Because I still sweat my way through an effective workout without worrying about injuries. You see, I know I need to work out but I want to be able to walk tomorrow. If I had a choice, I wouldn't use my time working out; I have many other hobby preferences: reading a book, visiting with friends, baking a yummy treat. But the workouts are necessary, and I needed to find something that works for this non-workout-fan who is a workout queen.

All this said, I find it amusing how God can use my skills to help others, even in places of weakness. Tomorrow, I will once again go to a local elementary school to demonstrate my "Exercise is Easy" program using Leslie's DVDs for the young children, in an attempt to share the fact that exercise is possible for anyone, even those who are not the sports starts. Y'know: kids just like me who grew up running around only when playing tag, and sitting around otherwise. Yup, I tried other things like rollerskating, but sports were never easy for me. Yup, I usually got picked last for the softball teams and I usually didn't mind because I preferred to skip playing softball anyway.

Childhood obesity is such a hot topic and the pressure is on for the food manufacturers and fast-food chains to modify their offerings. I hope to encourage the fact that exercise is easy and doesn't need to be done with the Biggest Loser drama, but instead, can be done moderately and regularly to provide a healthy result. I know, I know...this can be less interesting than those reality TV shows, but's life!