Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Moderation Schmoderation

Still on the rollercoaster ride—not the amusement park of the beach resorts or any of the Great Adventure parks, but my own Great Adventure on the ride of moderation in my eating habits.

Food is still an addiction for me. It’s like an old friend and an enemy at the same time. The worst kind of enemy is one who hangs closely with me, every day; I cannot choose to knock it out of the park and skip it altogether—which is why I constantly struggle with figuring out how to live with it. The all-or-nothing discipline doesn’t work with food in the long run; the need to face moderation head-on becomes necessary for success. The skills for losing these 100 pounds are different from the skills I’m using to maintain the loss. One of those skills is this dreaded “m” word: moderation.

Moderation is not fun to me. It requires more discipline than any all-or-nothing training can provide. I realize, however, after all these years of regular exercise, which I honestly don’t enjoy, that I have learned the skill of moderation by continuing to stick to a routine. Perhaps, just perhaps, this skill can be transferred to eating food. If I can engage in something I generally dislike (exercise), and still continue to participate in it, then maybe I can use these same skills with something I love (food)!

A fortune cookie saying I mentioned in a prior blog and I’ll mention again: “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” Now that’s another concept altogether. Time for a snack.

Tip of the week:
Water! I have found that there are many times when I think I’m hungry that I’m not---I’m actually thirsty instead. This is another reason I will grab a drink of water first before diving into the meal or a snack; it helps clarify whether my body ‘needs’ the food or simply ‘wants’ it!

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diane said...

GREAT I'll have a drink right now and skip the snack I was considering..THANKS